Key stakeholders' policies on syringe access

American Pharmaceutical Association Policies on Syringe Access and Syringe Disposal

1999    APhA encourages state legislatures and boards of pharmacy to revise laws and regulations to permit the unrestricted sale or distribution of syringes and needles by or with the knowledge of a pharmacist in an effort to decrease the transmission of blood-borne diseases.

American Medical Association Policy on Syringe Access

That the AMA encourage the extensive application of needle and syringe exchange and distribution programs and the modification of restrictive laws and regulations concerning the sale and possession of needles and syringes to maximize the availability of sterile syringes and needles, while ensuring continued reimbursement for medically necessary needles and syringes. The need for such programs and modification of laws and regulations is urgent, considering the contribution of injection drug use to the epidemic of HIV infection.

Policy approved by the American Medical Association House of Delegates in June 1997.